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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's project - Apples

I had a lot of apples rattling around in the fridge.. every week for the past three weeks when I've gone to Loving Hands I've come home with a 3 pound bag of apples-golden delicious ones. Add to that the back stock of apples I had already sitting around -- some apples I bought for Thanksgiving to make a pie with and never got to - and a bag of apple slices that needed to have something done with them and well it looked like applesauce time to me!

I took my corer and my teenage daughter, washed the apples with some vinegar water in the sink and let her core them while I chopped. Once they were all chopped I added a bit of water to them in a big pot on the stove --well two pots really and let them cook until they were all squishy and soft. We did that on Thursday -- but today I'm going to be running them through the KA attachment --the food strainer one and making lovely fine applesauce. I'm planning to can the applesauce -- but if you didn't want to you could just freeze it in Ziploc bags. I'm trying to make room for my after baby meals right now .. so cleaning out the freezer and emptying it -- is top priority for me.

If you find yourself overrun with apples -- but no time to make applesauce you could even cut them up, core them and then put them in the freezer until you do --or you until you get enough to make applesauce. The more different varieties you have -- the better it will be and the sweeter ones like golden delicious tend to make sweeter applesauce. If you didn't have a food strainer attachment -- you could leave the applesauce chunky, peel the apples and run them through the blender -- might need to add more water when you do this, or the food processor works too! If you peel and chop before you put them in the freezer bag -- then all you have to do is cook them up on the stove like you would a veggie and serve!
***Add cinnamon, sweetener of your choice--honey is quite good, or even some fresh frozen cranberries! --YUMMY..

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