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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yikes! Bed Rest and the family budget

I haven't posted much lately as you may have noticed, I've recently been confined to bed rest because of some complications that developed with my pregnancy, for a while it was complete bed rest and now I can be up about 2 hours a day, which has pretty dramatically cut into what I can get done in a day and how much money I can save us.. so for now we are using primarily from our stock of food that I always keep on hand in the house-- let me tell you - I'm learning how important my well-stocked pantry is!! As hubby is doing most of the shopping now- I'm also learning how to let go a bit and delegate. My older girls are learning how to cook -- since there isn't time in the two hours I'm allowed to have up to care for the toddler all day and cook dinner, do dishes, etc.. I'm planning meals using what we have on hand, being very thankful that I have a large pantry of food to use from, and thankful for all the helpers we have too! My BIL jokingly says he's coming to our house if the end of the world comes because he knows he'll still be able to eat here and I have been called a hoarder. But my back stock of chopped frozen onions, celery, mushrooms, and all the dried items and canned goods I have stored away have absolutely saved my family and myself a bunch of unnecessary work, and allowed us to exist on home cooked meals still for the most part. I'll try and post my menus for next week soon, seeing as I have lots of planning time available.


Amy in Arizona said...

I was put on bedrest with all 3 of my pregnancies due to preeclampsia. I can't imagine having 5 at home and being on bedrest!! It sounds like your family is really stepping up though!! My two boys were born at 27 & 31 weeks. So you are doing great at 34 weeks!! Hope everything goes well!!

garden fever girl said...

Amy -- It's preeclampsia symptoms that landed me on bed rest -- I've had that issue for most of my pregnancies but never had to deliver early for it. I'm under the care of a midwife and we've actually turned it around, with nutrition, bed rest, homeopathy, massage (lymph drainage) and supplements! I have real ankles again, normal BP's, no protien in my urine and no dizziness or headaches!! Now it's just a matter of keeping up the diet and waiting it out so I can have my home birth! Thanks for the well wishes.