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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My new favorite breakfast!

OH YUM!! I found a new favorite breakfast.

Start with 2 or 3 mushrooms-sliced and sauteed in coconut oil in a small skillet
Remove the mushrooms and set aside onto a plate.
Scrambled Eggs-- one egg, a little bit of water, hot sauce, salt, pepper and a pinch of dried spinach flakes.
Scramble the eggs in the leftover oil from the mushrooms --in the meantime, take an avocado, cut it in half and score one half of it, so it makes little squares.
Remove the cooked eggs from the pan-- put the mushrooms on top of your eggs, add some chopped up cooked chicken or turkey, and then scoop out the avocado onto the top of the eggs.

1 comment:

Vikki said...

OOOO sounds good would make a fantastic lunch too! I love eggs anyway.