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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mashed Potatoes in the crockpot!

Mashed Potatoes in the crockpot.... ok so really how much easier is that? Making mashed potatoes is a pain in the neck in all seriousness, much to the chagrin of my DD Briana, who gets them once in a great while.(She loves potatoes of all sorts-- mostly the mashed variety) (And commercial easy preps just don't meet my standards of chemical free, and tastiness, besides being affordable in large enough quantitites to feed my crew.) Ah.. ha .. I'm betting right now you're nodding your head, saying, "Yep, it's a pain in the neck..chopping, peeling, and cooking in a big pot of water, which usually boils over, then you drain the water off -- lugging a big hot pot, then there is the mashing, either by hand or using the mixer -- and more bowls, etc... ICK! Who has time for that?! " HA HA .. my friend that is where you are wrong!
Enter the new and improved way of making mashed potatoes! You cut up the potatoes-- no peeling, put them in the crock pot with a few ingredients, then let them cook. Then pull out the hand blender, and add some milk, chicken broth or rice milk and woosh-- you have mashed potatoes. All in one pot, which doesn't require watching, which doesn't boil over! No colander to clean! And believe it or not they taste better than the ones made the old fashioned way because all the nutrients are still in the pot where you put them and they have been roasting in them most of the day. "It's possible for mashed potatoes to taste better, you are asking." (yes, it is!) Just think--No lugging a hot pot of boiling water. One dish and two hand beaters to clean and walla -- mashed potatoes-easy! I can even coax my girls to chop the potatoes if they happen to be home , so it's even less work! Seriously -- you have got to try this. The recipe is in the bottom of this weeks menu plan if you are so inclined, let me know what you think! -- Me-- I'm thinkin' we're having mashed potatoes alot more often!! (DD will be so delighted)
The recipe is from Home Tested Slow Cooker Recipes-- well worth the $2.42 at the thrift store!


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, you make me want to try it. I put mashed potatoes on the plan for this week already and I admit I was not looking forward to it. Thanks!

The Packet Queen said...

I always use instant but this makes me want to have some homemade!! I only make homemade when I have a lot of red potatoes because I don't have to peel them - but this recipe sounds even easier! Will definitely try next time I need some mashed potatoes, thank you!