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Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu for Oct 19-22

Menu for Oct 19-22
Since we do the bulk of our shopping on Thursday and often get fresh produce and never really know what we will get - I plan most of my menus later in the week.

Turkey Mushroom Stew over Bisquits ( We finally got around to making this one! This had a great flavor -- I used thyme instead of tarragon, cause I don't really like tarragon all that well. I subbed some frozen mushrooms I had instead of fresh that the recipe called for -- it didn't thicken up like we would have liked, but I think if you made it with fresh mushrooms it would thicken better and that would be delicious!)
Leftover Spinach Salad

Baked Ziti with Sweet Turkey Sausage (Robin Miller Recipe from Food Network)
Green Salad
Leftover Cantalope

Cabbage Rolls
Baked or Skillet Potatoes

Salmon Linguine
Salad or other veggie depending on what we get

Breakfast Casserole


n*stitches said...

hhhmmm - the turkey mushroom stew does sound good! What recipe did you use?

garden fever girl said...

If you page down it's in the menu post from Oct 5-11. Love crockpot recipes?