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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ways with Cauliflower

Again here I am trying to use up a bunch of something. This time it's cauliflower. Low carb and delicious even if hubby would argue against it being cooked - I LOVE it. Here are some thoughts:

My old tried and true standby!! Oh how I love this recipe. Cauliflower and Sausage.
Once cooked -this freezes terrific for a quick low carb meal.

This one from Epicurious looks good! I even have truffle oil on hand-- woot woot! sadly I have no fresh chives from the garden yet, too cold still. But it looks good to me.

And -- who can go wrong with anything from 101 cookbooks. The simple cauliflower and spicy cauliflower and the hot pot recipe look tops there.

Then -- all the suggestions for cauliflower at Kalyn's Kitchen. --YUMM..

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