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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coonlike Behavior and Hoarding

Kate, Anna and I had great fun today picking plums!! We got a big 10inch round planter full of them-- plenty for fresh eating and some for sharing -- but not much else. I had hoped to have enough to make hoisin sauce, but the fresh eating will be nice all the same.
Kate started out the day in her usual coonlike fashion-- stealing the dog's water bowl, and running across the linoleum kitchen floor-- water slooshing out all over the floor and creating a hazard! She escaped with the bowl to her usual place -- the living room maple table -- where she promptly emptied the bowl onto the table -- and began her morning splash and sipping fest. For those of you who don't know -- she loves to pour out any drink or liquid onto a flat surface and procceed to drink from the puddle as if she were a dog or some other non discerning animal. This is her most favorite game -- and it seems like the only way to keep her from it is to put the dog's bowl up on the counter and wait for her to not notice it's there and then put it down again for the dog-- she enevitably finds the bowl again and theives it The only thing she likes better is dipping food items into the water and eating them -- thus why we call her our coon.

Another favorite game is the hoarding of toys and various other things-- whenever it is time to go someplace she grabs everything within her reach and insists on bringing them all with her -- she must have them all -- even if she can't possibly carry them -- her two year old arms know no limits! She must have them all -- and you must help her carry them all. The plums were a joy for her -- she filled her arms to the limits and carried them back and forth -- and it was pleasant two year old work, and fufilled much of her needs to hoard! The only thing better would have been a pail of water to plunk, dip, and pour the plums into! And of course to sip from. Anyway it was a good morning for her--

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